How To Install T-Bar Door Threshold In 4 Simple Steps

February 3, 2014

Once your floors are installed in two rooms, the next step is to create transition between them. For this you will need to install door bar in the expansion gap area between two floors. In This blog we will describe how to install T-bar door threshold.

T-Bar Door Moulding

1. Prepare tools

Before you start, please make sure that you have: measuring tape, hack saw and wood saw. Also clear the concrete subfloor in the expansion gap (where threshold is to be laid) from any debris or rubbish.

If your doorway does not have a door you can set the expansion gap right in the centre of the doorway frame. However if your doorway does have a door that opens and closes you will want to position the expansion gap to be centred right underneath closed door. That way the T-bar will fit nicely under the door.

2. Measure It

First thing to do is to measure exact width of the doorway. You will know exactly where to cut the track (if provided by the manufacturer) and where to make a cut on the T-section.

3. Cut It

When using the saw, make sure you cut just to the outside of the line so you don’t end up with a T-bar piece that is slightly too short. It is important to use very sharp saw when cutting the t-bar to prevent the splintering along the edge of the cut. Sand down any rough edges if needed.

4. Glue it

Now you are ready to snap the track in to the place on to the bottom profile of the T-bar. Press it firmly and evenly. Once the track is pressed on to the bottom of the moulding it is time for the glue. You need to apply very even bead of construction adhesive to the concrete subfloor along the entire length of the expansion gap. Once your glue is in, simply press the track with the moulding in to position making sure it is perfectly flush with the flooring all across the expansion gap. Press it firmly with your fingers.

You’ll need to make sure that t-bar stays there while the glue is drying. To do this you can place weights on the T-bar or simply use low residue adhesive tape placing strips across the moulding every 10 cm. Leave it for around 24hrs, then remove adhesive tape, wipe away any sticky residue and your new T-Bar is now in place and fully functional.

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