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DIY flooring ideas on a budget

November 28, 2019

Doing up your home on a small budget can be a challenge. For any homeowner or renter, wanting to make your living space that bit better is natural. But when it comes to flooring, the cost can often be too dear. Especially when it comes to materials and choices that require fitters for their correct use. But if you’re looking for good value flooring options for your living room, you’ve come to the right place. Affordable flooring is more accessible than you might think.

Read on to find out more about vinyl flooring: pros and con, shop flooring ideas and more. Whatever your DIY plans, we can help make that budget stretch. After all, what’s the point of a beautiful home with shabby floors?

What is the easiest flooring to install yourself?

When we turn to DIY for your home renovations, our first option is generally the easiest. Finding the cheapest flooring I can install myself is the top priority. But for DIY-ers looking for flooring that is both cheap and easy, as well as attractive, the options can seem lacklustre at best. But thinking outside the box can solve that issue, and allow for cheap flooring that’s as attractive as it is easy. It’s all about taking the time to think about what exactly you need before what you want.

The first thing you should consider is the area where you need flooring. For cheap flooring ideas for bedroom or living room spaces, plywood flooring ideas might be best suited, an easy and affordable alternative to laminate or oak. In contrast, cheap flooring options for kitchen areas would be better-suited to vinyl. Once you understand the practicality of your space, you can open up far more options to choose from. From there, choosing flooring is not only easier, but more affordable too.

Modern vinyl is nothing like the old 70s-style flooring we think of and is widely used in many homes across the country. Easy to lay, and practical in environments where water and spillage may occur, this material is the ideal choice for DIY-centric home renovations. Modern vinyl is available in a range of different styles, from wood effect to marbles and tiles, ideally suited for just about every décor choice. In comparison to other options out there, this choice of flooring is incredibly easy to install.

What is the easiest flooring to install in a bathroom?

For bathrooms, the focus is on flooring that is both attractive and practical. There’s a high chance of water damage to woods or non-sealed flooring – which makes vinyl a highly suitable, low-cost option for many DIY homes. As with kitchen décor, vinyl is available in all manner of colours and styles to suit any household. Whether you’re looking for a Scandinavian theme or ultra-modern design, there’s a vinyl suited to your style.

Easy to lay and quick to install, vinyl offers protection for floorboards while remaining attractive to look at. Available in rolls and easy to cut with scissors or similar household tools, there’s no need for expensive accessories for installation either. Simply cut to size, lay on your bathroom floor and enjoy. For households that prefer a wood finish, though, sealed plywood is also an alternative that’s no too labour-intensive. However, sealant or varnish would be recommended to prevent water damage, especially around sinks or baths.

When it comes to the easiest type of flooring for bathrooms, vinyl comes in two distinct formats. Tiles, or rolls. While tiles may be easier for larger bathroom spaces, a roll of vinyl may prove more functional for smaller areas. This more cost-effective approach also leaves fewer gaps and spaces where water damage can happen. Making it all the more suited for use in bathroom spaces.

DIY bathroom

What is the cheapest flooring for a basement?

In the modern household, basements have plenty of uses. From additional family space to an area for laundry, there around countless purposes to basements. So when it comes to decking out your underground space, knowing its purpose is your first step. For more utilitarian rooms, the use of vinyl might be your best, cheapest option. Especially for areas used for laundry or other washing, vinyl is hard-wearing and water-resistant. This is especially important in basements that may become damp over time. Vinyl explicitly designed for bathrooms and kitchen is also often resistant to mould and damp.

However, for basements used as family spaces, the cheapest and more functional flooring may be plywood. This designates the area for living without increasing the cost. However, additional tools may be required for proper DIY install, such as a saw to cut planks to size. The purpose of your basement will change your flooring requirements. Knowing what those requirements are can help you choose lasting, cost-effective flooring that suits the space and works for you.

When it comes to the cheapest flooring for a basement, size matters too. While vinyl rolls are cost-effective for a small space, bulk plywood may be less expensive for larger areas. Calculating the square meterage of your space can help you make the best DIY choice for you. Easy to install, cheap and practical, vinyl and plywood are the ultimate solutions for many DIY décor projects.

If you’re starting a DIY project on a new home, flooring is the first thing to consider. For those of us on a tight budget, expensive carpet and ceramic tiles aren’t on the cards. But by picking cost-effective options, your home can soon look beautifully finished. Without the price tag. As with any project, saving money is all about doing your research first. Understand the requirements of your space and the type of flooring you need, and you’re far more likely to get the solution you’re looking for.

At EBS Flooring, we offer affordable flooring to suit just about any lifestyle. From plywood floors to vinyl in anything from wood to tile patterns, we have something to suit your home. Browse our full range of cheap flooring options online today, or get in contact with us to find out more.

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