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Reclaimed Teak Wall Cladding 20x150x600mm, Natural Colour

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Wall cladding panels are a great way to achieve an outstanding look, feel and design to interior spaces. Perfect for areas such us: hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or staircases. Each wall cladding pannel is hand assembled that makes each panel unique in design. Cladding tiles offer a simple way of enhancing any feature wall with a seamless appearance.

The most common methods of installation for multilayer floors (18mm – 22mm thick) is either Floating and Glue Down. However, ESB recommend that any multilayer floor that is 220mm wide or wider should be Glued Down.

Always use a professional floor fitter to install your floor and always make sure the sub-floor is smooth, level and sturdy. For more information and further guidance please contact ESB or see our FAQ article Installation of 18mm - 22mm Multilayer Wood Flooring.

The beauty of laminate flooring is in its outstanding durability. In fact, it is tougher than most solid timber floors. However, all flooring is an investment and it is important to maintain the floor to ensure it stands the test of time. Laminate flooring is easy to clean. A simple micro fibre mop is all you need to remove stains, dust and mites. However, there are some things worth remembering below:

Choose cleaning products wisely. As with real wood we recommend you use an eco-friendly floor cleaner available in all supermarkets.

Don’t use soap, iron-wool or other abrasive cloths on the flooring.

Laminate floors are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof, so always lift heavy furniture or appliances rather than dragging. Use coasters or pads to protect your floors from furniture marks.

Keep your floors dry – moisture can lead to long-term damage. Be sure to clean spills immediately.

Beware the claws! Pets with long claws can scratch and damage a laminate floor surface. Be sure to cut and trim your pet’s claws regularly.

For more advice on cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor, speak to our ESB Flooring advisors.

It is not advisable to cover your natural wood flooring with any type of carpet, rug or covering that might prevent contact with daylight. Covering natural wood flooring product will result in discolouration of the exposed area.

During the cleaning process we advise to keep the water/solution clean and free of dirt continuously throughout the process in order to prevent dirt from residing within the grain of the floor and between boards.