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Oak Flooring Parador Matt Lacquered Nature 13x185x2200mm

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0208 204 8555

Limited colour variation between the boards and uniform look is the main feature of this 185x2200mm Parador floor. Low number of knots means that individual planks suit one another as regards their colour variation and hue. 

The floor have very uniform and elegant look.  The natural colours of this flooring are protected by a uv hardened matt lacquer giving unmistakeable character coupled with easy maintenance.

Low profile height means reduced installation problems such as cutting down doors. The 3.5mm top layer of oak can be easily re-sanded a number of times in years to come.

The automatic click mechanism applied in Parador floors make the installation process convenient, easy and really fast, guaranteeing high pull-out resistance and durability. Thanks to that interlocking system, your floor will always look great and the individual planks will be tightly connected, preventing any undesirable movement or warping. The planks are aligned easily, which allows for easy fitting, by floating or gluing the planks over the entire area. Additionally, a huge advantage that is worth mentioning at this point is that the floor is ready to use right after you’re done with the installation. You can read more about Parador's Click System in this blog post.

Lacquered floors are very easy to clean; simply vacuum or sweep and then mop with a special floor cleaner or eco-friendly floor cleaner. But make sure your mop is not too wet; it must be very slightly damp. For more information on cleaning your lacquered wood floor please see our article "Cleaning & Maintenance for Lacquered and Matt Lacquered Floors". 

Maintenance however of a lacquered floor is more about prevention than cure. Please see our article "Wood Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips" for some general guidelines and best practise suggestions you can follow to look after your floor.