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Oak Flooring "New York Coffee" Slightly Brushed Matt Lacquered, 190mm Wide

Product Code:

0208 204 8555

This 3 layer Oak Engineered Flooring is 14mm thick and 190mm wide. It is matt lacquered which means that very low gloss level  makes the surface look "as oiled" and provides natural look. The wood selection allows sporadic knots.


This floor has a Click joining system and it should be installed using the "Floating Floor" system.It allows easy and faster installation without tools,  reduces installation time significantly  and provides an intermediate installation feedback due to the clear "Click" sound.

We have two main recommendations when it comes to installing your wood floor. Always us a professional floor fitter to install your floor and always make sure the sub-floor is smooth, level and sturdy. For more information and further guidance please contact ESB or see our FAQ article "Installation of 14mm and 15mm Engineered Flooring".

Lacquered and Matt Lacquered floors are very easy to clean; simply vacuum or sweep and then mop with a special floor cleaner or eco-friendly floor cleaner. But make sure your mop is not too wet; it must be very slightly damp. For more information on cleaning your lacquered wood floor please see our article "Cleaning & Maintenance for Lacquered and Matt Lacquered Floors"

Maintenance however of a lacquered floor is more about prevention than cure. Please see our article "Wood Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips" for some general guidelines and best practise suggestions you can follow to look after your floor.