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Oak Flooring Distressed, Smoked Rustic Grade 189mm Wide

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0208 204 8555

Unusually the timber for this oak plank is picked for its extreme rustic characteristics that include storm cracks, splits and live knot holes. These are then distressed to create a truly aged appear-ance. The top layer is then further aged in smoking chamber, which darkens the oak. The oak top layer is cold pressed to the hardwood multi- ply backing. Finally the cracks and holes are then hand filled and sanded to leave then smooth but open. The result is a warm toned oak floor with the rough hewn charm of a reclaimed floor board.

The most common methods of installation for multilayer floors (18mm – 22mm thick) is either Floating and Glue Down. However, ESB recommend that any multilayer floor that is 220mm wide or wider should be Glued Down.

Always use a professional floor fitter to install your floor and always make sure the sub-floor is smooth, level and sturdy. For more information and further guidance please contact ESB or see our FAQ article Installation of 18mm - 22mm Multilayer Wood Flooring.

This floor has a Natural Oiled finish. A natural oiled finish always needs another coat of natural oil once the floor is installed. This will protect and strengthen the surface of the floor. ESB Flooring stock cleaning and maintenance products by Blanchon.

Wood floors are generally very easy to clean; simply vacuum or sweep and then mop with a special floor cleaner or eco-friendly floor cleaner. But make sure your mop is not too wet; it must be very slightly damp. For more information on cleaning this natural oiled wood floor please see our article "Cleaning and Maintenance for Natural and UV Oiled Floors". 

Please also see our article "Wood Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips" for some general guidelines and best practise suggestions you can follow to look after your floor.