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Laminate Flooring Parador 8x243mm Montana Limed 2200mm Long Boards

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This is Parador laminate, Montana Limed, flooring from BASIC 600 XL collection featuring 2200mm long boards.

Thanks to its easy Click-mechnism Parador Laminate Flooring is fast and easy to install even without any previous knowledge. Here are the most important steps at a glance:

1. Unroll the underlay and put it on the prepared subfloor.

2. Center and align the planking area and cut the first row to size.

3. Use the spacer wedges to guarantee the expansion space of at least 8 - 10mm towards all walls and structural parts within the room.

4. The last board of the first row is cut to the right size - don‘t forget to include the wall spacing. The cut-off piece is used as the starting piece for the second row.

5. Start your next row from the left hand side like before. Simply click together the planks‘ longitudinal sides. The use of glue is not required here.

6. Join the short end sides together using a hammering block. Continue to install the rest of the room in this manner.

7. Use a cut-off piece to transfer the profile of the wall to the last row of planks. 

8. Cover the gaps all around the flooring area with matching skirtings.

9. You are done!

Laminate floors are very easy to clean and maintain. Simply vacuum or sweep the floor regularly and when mopping the floor always use a special laminate floor cleaner or eco-friendly floor cleaner. Always make sure your mop is not too wet; it must be very slightly damp.

For more information on cleaning and maintaining laminate floors please see our article "How to clean laminate flooring".