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Laminate Flooring Light Grey Oak 12x193mm

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0208 204 8555

This 12mm Light Grey Oak Laminate Flooring provides resilient superior abrasion (cl. AC5/33), scratch- & impact resistance as well as colourfast (anti-fade) & anti-static properties.

Designed for designed for high-traffic commercial areas like department stores, shopping centres, and office buildings.

It is a fantastic offer and excellent value for money: reduction of the walking noise, scratch resistant surface and great look.

The planks are bevelled on all four sides (4V). This Flooring is scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish.

This floor also has a number of long lasting features:

- durable: concentrated single loads from furniture or other heavy objects will not damage laminate flooring, and normally no pressure marks remain,

- flame resistant,

- UV light resistant (will not discolour or fade from direct exposure to sunlight),

- made from 90% wood, which is sourced from sustainable forestry practices,

- quick and easy installation thanks to the Twin Clic System and the 1clic2go System,

- anti-allergy: dust, dander and hair have no place to hide,

- suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems,

- length of life in a living room is 15 to 20 years,

- waterproofed HDF (high density fibreboard) base provides the highest core protection,

- perfect and natural-looking laying pattern,

- thanks to high-tech production, invisible joints guarantee protection against moisture and dirt, an accurate fit and a natural laying pattern.

This product is installed using 1click2go Installation system. You can download .pdf with installing instruction on the right side of this text (Downloads sextion).

The high quality laminate flooring has a life span over several decades. To ensure that your laminate flooring looks like new for as a long as possible, please take note of the following care instructions:

- At the basic level, laminate flooring is extremely durable and easy to care for. Small stains can be removed quickly and easily with just a damp cloth. In high-traffic areas with lots of dirt, such as entryways, mats will help to protect against abrasions.

- Furniture legs should be protected with felt pads to guard against scratching. Note that you can void your warranty should you not use felt pads. Office chairs with wheels should use class W, soft castors. Standing water should be avoided at all costs. Take extra caution in areas with flowerpots, vases, and near water faucets.

- When cleaning, make sure the cloth is damp, not soaking wet. If you use any cleaning agents while cleansing the floor, make sure that all residues are removed.

For more information on cleaning and maintaining laminate floors please see our article "How to clean laminate flooring"