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Unfinished Wood Flooring


ESB offers high quality Unfinished Oak Flooring.

This is the perfect opportunity to create a truly bespoke floor that is unique to your home or commercial site because it offers endless finish options where you can pick your own stain, oil or lacquer for the perfect finish. We have over 50 unique ESB Bespoke colours and finishes and our team of bespoke wood flooring specialists can also create or match almost any desired look, right here in our North London Showroom. Available Unfinished Oak Flooring Grades: Select, Natural and Rustic. Available Widths in 14 and 15mm Engineered: 148mm, 189mm, 300mm Available Widths in 18 and 20mm Multilayer: 189mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 300mm ESB can produce any finish on any unfinished board. Please contact us for more information.