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Engineered Wood


Our Engineered Wood Flooring usually comes in 14 or 15mm thick planks.


Engineered wood flooring is the type of wood flooring composed from two or more layers of wood. The top layer of that type of wooden floor is adhered to the core and is visible when flooring is installed. Usually the core is made of one of the two most durable wood species - Oak or Walnut. Stability of engineered flooring makes it universal and most common type of wood flooring.

We display and stock hundreds of different types of engineered oak floors including sought after Engineered Kahrs Flooring. We also stock most widths in various finishes including oiled, brushed and oiled, lacquered, matt lacquered and unfinished. And finally the grade; all the various options are also available in select, natural and rustic grade. This commitment ensures an unmatched selection of this timeless classic for all our customers. 

The colour of Oak Flooring can vary from very light brown to a dark orange. Here at ESB we have Oak Flooring from roughly 10 different regions in the world so we are confident we cover a wide range of natural oak coloured floors. But apart from the natural colour of the wood there are also other factors affecting the look and overall appearance.The three main factors are: Grade, Finish and Width/Lenght.All... View Range
The Grand Manor Collection features an elegant distressed finish with filled cracks in all of its products. View Range
Bring an air of Provençal style to your home with the designs selected from this French-inspired selection of wooden floors. Provence Collection is s perfect flooring option for busy family homes or households with pets. This collection is durable and copes beautifully with the demands of everyday life. Plus, being simple and easy-to-clean, spillages and dirt are quick to treat. With its enhanced surface... View Range
ESB Flooring sells a wide selection of White Wood Flooring and Grey Oak Floors. We offer pre-finished and hand-finished oak floors in different shades of white and grey. If you can't find the colour or shade you need in our pre-finished range then our in-house bespoke team can create the floor you want. Our team of experts use a combination of hardwax oils, lacquers and special techniques to achieve a... View Range
You can find great deals at ESB on Dark Wood Flooring. Dark Wood Flooring, Brown or Black Floors colour is achieved with one of three techniques. One method used is to stain the wood with colour oils or lacquers. The second method is to smoke the floor and the and third is to put the wood through a heat treated process called carbonizing where the wood is darkened all the way through.Smoked or fumed wood... View Range
ESB stocks and displays a wide range of Walnut Flooring. Most popular range of walnut floors is American Black Walnut. American Black Walnut is grown in Eastern North America. Its colour ranges from a lighter yellowish brown to a dark chocolate brown. After Oak, Engineered Walnut Flooring is our most popular range of flooring. Walnut has a distinctly beautiful natural dark chocolate colour and interesting... View Range
GIVE YOUR HOME THE COUNTRY FARMHOUSE FEEL WITH A NUMBER OF DISTRESSED FLOORS TO CHOOSE FROM. Our Country Farmhouse Range offers quality distressed wood flooring for your home. A unique look no other floor can match. Handscraped and with a great diversity of brown shades (grey distressed floors included) the Country Farmhouse floors will give your space identity and a rustic look. All these Engineered... View Range
Engineered 3 Strip Flooring offers real wood flooring at a more affordable price. Engineered 3 Strip is made up of smaller pieces of wood to make up one board or plank. Since each piece is different 3 Strip Flooring has a far more vibrant appearance than single strip flooring. At ESB we display and stock many different 3 strip floors. We have a diverse and colourful collection of 3 Strip flooring in Oak,... View Range
Engineered Wide Oak Flooring. Wide Board Oak Flooring is generally between 190mm and 300mm wide. Wide oak floor boards have become increasingly popular over the recent years. They're considered a more classy alternative to traditional narrow boards. Wide oak planks will look either casual or formal, depending on what effect you want to achieve.  View Range
Selection of Parquet Flooring including Herringbone, Chevron and Panels. We can produce Parquet Flooring in various widths and lengths in Oak, Walnut, Jatoba, Ash and Wenge. All options are also available in Lacquered, Oiled our Unfinished. Many options are available and in stock and what we don’t stock we can produce. Some stock items will be listed here but please contact us with your enquiry and we will... View Range
At ESB Flooring we have an array of various options to choose from, both with respect to herringbone and fishbone wood flooring. All ready and waiting for you to take a decision. All fishbone flooring options in our product range are engineered flooring. Therefore, in most cases they can be used over underfloor heating, but you always need to remember to check it before ordering. View Range
ESB offers high quality Unfinished Oak Flooring. This is the perfect opportunity to create a truly bespoke floor that is unique to your home or commercial site because it offers endless finish options where you can pick your own stain, oil or lacquer for the perfect finish. We have over 50 unique ESB Bespoke colours and finishes and our team of bespoke wood flooring specialists can also create or match... View Range
Composite Decking is the result of nature and technology combining to produce a visually remarkable floor leaving a low carbon footprint – an ideal solution to wooden decking. Zero knots and splits with no risk of twisting and warping. Composite Decking is a resilient solution with high fire, moisture and pool chlorine resistance. It has a non-slip surface and doesn't require additional treatments (does... View Range
Wall cladding is a type of wooden decorative covering intended to make a wall look like made of wood. Wood cladding is also a very important element of interior decorating helping to accent a particular feature or room. It is very common to find it in just one or two key areas of the house. A single bedroom wall can be covered in cladding for instance, which could give the impression of warmth and depth.... View Range