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Composite Decking

coposite decking and garden decking in london

Composite Decking is the result of nature and technology combining to produce a visually remarkable floor leaving a low carbon footprint – an ideal solution to wooden decking. Zero knots and splits with no risk of twisting and warping. Composite Decking is a resilient solution with high fire, moisture and pool chlorine resistance. It has a non-slip surface and doesn't require additional treatments (does not crack, splinter or peel). Choose a finer texture in NATURE or a more architecturally advanced look in TECNO. Available in a wide range of COLOURS or WOOD EFFECTS. It is an extremely easy product to maintain. Made in the EU (Spain). Please always read a fitting instructions before installation and ensure that the decking is installed in the correct way (rough side up - this decking is one sided). Note: Composite decking does not support double sided installation as it will cause the fitted decking to collapse and may cause serious injury.