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An A-Z Glossary of Wood Flooring Terms

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An A-Z Glossary of Wood Flooring Terms


African Teak: A hardwearing wood known also as Iroko Wood. Commonly used as a base for decking.  

African Walnut: Another African wood, regularly used for hardwood flooring as well as furniture and worktops.

American Black Walnut: A strong and enduring material commonly used for hardwood flooring and various pieces of furniture.


Bamboo: Actually a variety of grass rather than a type of wood. Environmentalists are fans of bamboo as it can be harvested every 3 years due to its speed of growth.

Beech: An extremely tough light coloured wood used widely for furniture and flooring.


Concrete subfloor: Sometimes known as cement screed. A suitable subfloor for hardwood flooring or engineered wood.

Cumaru: A very tough South African hardwood used as a decking base. This wood is 5 times stronger than pine, redwood and cedar).


Dafo: A South East Asian wood used for veneer, joinery and furniture.

Dahoma: A strong African wood used commonly in construction and for decking. 

Decking: A timber surface, usually outdoors. 

Decorative Cement: A Cement that is a continuous lining of high quality decorative cement that comes ready for direct application onto both floors and walls; indoor and outdoor.


Engineered wood flooring: Flooring made from a plywood base and a top layer of hardwood.


Floor joist subfloor: Also known as a batten subfloor. Suitable for hardwood flooring.

Floating installation: A method of floor installation most suited to engineered wood flooring.


Glue down installation: A secure method of flooring installation for solid and engineered wood flooring.


Hardwood flooring: Flooring comprising of solid pieces of wood.


Ipe: A type of hardwood used as a base in decking and originating in South America.


Jarrah: An Australian wood used for flooring, decking and outdoor construction. 


Kapur: A South East Asian wood used on joinery and construction.


Laminate flooring: A synthetic flooring option that is very popular because of its economy.  


Mahogony: A popular Brazilian wood, known for its dark hue and durability.


Nail-down installation: A simple, effective but time-consuming method of installing hardwood floors.


Oak: A favourite hardwood in the UK, used widely for flooring.


Prime engineered wood: The highest grade of engineered wood flooring.


Rustic wood: Wood that is reclaimed or treated to have a natural, rustic appearance. 


Semi-solid floors: Another name for engineered wood flooring. 

Staple-down installation: Similar to nail-down installation but using staples instead of nails.


Teak: A gold coloured wood with dark markings from Indonesia. Popular for decking.  


Utile: A West African wood used for furniture, construction and flooring.


Virola: A South American wood used for plywood and interior joinery.


Walnut: Used widely in veneer and panelling. European, American and African varieties are available.


Yew: A softwood that grows in Europe.


Zebrano: Type of wood with a figure that resembles the striping of a zebra, with dark stripes on a light background

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