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Wood Flooring Patterns and Design Options

November 28, 2015

Various wood flooring patterns, also known as parquet flooring, are really popular as a wood flooring solution. If you decide to choose them for your flat or house, you can give free rein to your imagination. Available wood flooring patterns include: herringbone, chevron, basket weave, brickwork, and random designs.

Herringbone pattern

Room with Herringbone Pattern Flooring

Probably the most common wood flooring pattern in European countries and not only. It’s perfect for larger interiors. If you plan it the right way, this flooring option can help you make tiny rooms look nicer, adding some sophistication. When installing a floor in the herringbone or chevron pattern, you need to lay individual blocks of wood with 90 degree angles. You’ll get a nice herringbone or chevron pattern, which is very popular not only in interior design, but also fashion and many other areas of life.

Chevron pattern

Room with Chevron Pattern Flooring

It’s a type of the herringbone design and it can usually be found in grand buildings and manor houses all over Europe. You can lay it parallel to the wall or diagonally, everything depends on the look and final result that you want to achieve. If laid diagonally, those flooring patterns usually make rooms look much larger and more grandiose, therefore, this method is perfect for small rooms.

Herringbone and chevron patterns are quite expensive and take more time, due to the specific nature of their installation. Moreover, you should expect higher wastage than in the case of other flooring options. However, those cons will be most certainly compensated for by the final result – a very durable, stable and visually attractive floor.

Random Pattern

Room with Random Pattern Flooring

When laying this type of floor, you can use blocks of wood of different lengths and get as creative as it gets. It’s much less structured as compared to other wooden floor installation methods. But, it can help you achieve a spectacular final result, which will draw the attention of all visitors

Brick Pattern

Brick Pattern

Some people like to use boards of regular lengths, choosing a brick pattern for their wood floors. In this wood flooring pattern the way in which the planks are installed resembles traditional brickwork. Such an installation method can be used on the floor in the entire room. You can also install blocks of brick pattern and surround them using borders or feature strips, which will make the final result very eye-catching and outstanding.

Basket Weave Pattern

Room with Basket Weave Pattern Flooring

Today, you will encounter basket weave wood flooring pattern much less frequently than you would yet several years ago. It’s a wood pattern with high flexibility. It can be created with the use of the majority of wood types, in either single or dual colours, which enables you to get a really stunning final result. Basket weave pattern can be used both in larger and smaller interiors and can be fitted diagonally or parallel to the walls of the given room, making it look really great.

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