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What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Your Home Office?

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What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Your Home Office?


As a growing number of people choose to work from home, either as freelancers or within an arrangement with their employer, the need for home offices has recently considerably increased. When converting any space in your home to a home office, you may wonder what type of flooring will suit it best. In this article you will find useful advice to help you make all the right choices.

Often, people need their home office to serve dual purpose, such as a spare bedroom or a playroom for kids. Therefore, it's a good idea to define clearly which various purposes the room will serve, before you choose the flooring option. No matter if you are going to use the room exclusively as an office, or whether it will serve dual purpose, both solid and engineered wood flooring will be great options.

When making a choice of your new home office flooring, you will need to consider such aspects as:

• location of your office

• expected wear and tear

• final effect you wish to achieve. 

Irrespective of what your choices will be, you will most certainly be able to create a wonderful creative space which, on the one hand, will inspire you in your daily work and, on the other hand, will be very practical. Given the numerous products available in the market, you will be spoilt for choice.

First you need to decide whether to go for solid or engineered wood flooring. When making this choice, remember to consider the location of the office and the subfloor, which is equally important. So, for instance, if you’ve decided to convert a basement into a home office, you will probably need to bear in mind higher humidity level, even if you’ve implemented some moisture-control treatment. And because of increased humidity in basements, you will be usually advised to go for engineered wood flooring, as it will better withstand elevated humidity levels. The same applies if you're planning on converting your attic into a home office – engineered wood flooring will probably be the best choice due to temperature fluctuations in attic spaces. In all remaining locations around the house, either solid or engineered wood flooring will work equally well.

The next important aspect you need to consider when choosing the right finish for a wood floor in your home office is the amount of traffic you anticipate. If the office is supposed to be only a space you work in, then you are free to choose any finish according to your personal preferences, such as oiled or lacquered. But, if you expect heavy footfall in your office, then you should definitely consider a lacquered finish, as it will better withstand high wear and tear, still looking good.hhhh

When it comes to the species of wood, your choice will highly depend on the final effect you want to achieve. Oak and similar flooring will never date or become old-fashioned. But, those of you who are fond of very modern design might want to go for one of the fashion options, including Supremo Prime Solid Black Walnut, Coffee Chic Natural Engineered Oak, or a brushed and white oiled finish, including Natural Engineered Oak Brushed or White Oiled. Remember, your options for a home office flooring are virtually unlimited!

And last, but not least, one of the definite advantages of wood flooring for a home office is its easy maintenance. You will only need to hover and mop your floor quickly once every few days. Such regular maintenance will make it last a really long time. Apart from that, it should be easy to maintain, unless the floor suffers a heavy footfall. 


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