What Are The Best Methods To Repair An Oiled Wooden Floor?

November 3, 2016

A major advantage of wooden flooring over other flooring types is that you can repair virtually every type of damage to a hardwood floor.

You can either cover up small insignificant scratches and dents or perform a complete resanding and resealing.

Simple repairs

An more importantly, you can perform some simple repairs even if you have absolutely no previous experience in this area, but if the floor needs a more serious repair, you should think about hiring a professional who will do the job for you, delivering a perfect final result. We’ve probably stressed it multiple times, but I’d like to point it out once more –prevention is always better than cure. This applies to wooden floor damage as well, so if you only can, try avoiding such situations and protect your floor against any possible damage.

Avoiding the damage

There are several methods which you can use to avoid damaging your wooden floor. These are related for instance to refurnishing of a room. In such a case, always lift the furniture, instead of dragging it across the floor. Furthermore, remember to clean the floor on a regular basis, removing all the stains as well as the accumulated dirt and dust.

Cleaning methods

However, you need to bear in mind that the cleaning method you decide to use needs to be adjusted to the type of the floor and its finish. Make sure that you avoid water damage and always take care to mop up all the splashes or spills immediately after they occur.


In the case of oiled floors whose surface is lightly damaged here and there, it’s a good idea to use a fresh oil coating which will make your floor look like a new one again.

Once you’ve noticed that the floor surface is more seriously damaged, e.g. there are deep scratches and serious dents on it, get a filler which will solve the problem, evening out the surface.


Extensive damage to the floor usually requires complete resanding and refinishing, if you want to get the floor back to life. In such a case, we would recommend hiring a professional to do that. In the case of less serious damage, you can do it yourself.

Extra Tip

If you need to quickly repair an oiled floor which is only slightly scratched, don’t worry. Try dabbing a slight amount of olive oil over the scratch. It may not be the right solution in the case of serious scratches or the need to renovate a wooden floor, but it can definitely help you out for instance in the case where your brand new wooden floor got scratched.


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