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Small garden decking ideas

September 24, 2019

Garden deck tiles are a great way to liven up small spaces. They’re perfect for those who want to enjoy a chill-out space or al-fresco dining. The great news is that they’re a perfect all-round option, too.

Bringing the living space outdoors is a huge trend right now, so comfort is key. Thankfully, small garden decking can be aesthetically pleasing while also homely. With plenty of deck designs to choose from, everybody can find something to suit their tastes and budget.

Attractive woods, imaginative patterns and eco-friendly plastic/wood blends are all popular options for small gardens at present. In the UK, slip-resistant finishes are also highly in demand, as these allow for all-weather use.

Before deciding upon small garden decking, you should think about the shape of your garden. Next, you’ll want to consider how much of that space you want to fill with decking. You might also want to consider lighting to create a dramatic, welcoming effect.

Unique small garden decking ideas:

1) Cover small garden decking with a pergola

A pergola will provide an all-weather canopy perfect for al-fresco dining. The beauty of spaces like this is that they’re still inviting even when it rains. By matching your pergola with your deck designs, you’ll create a soothing outdoor space. When it does rain, the sounds of the raindrops will feel particularly relaxing! For a natural feel, add climbing plants like magnolia or honeysuckle to cover the uprights. These plants will also bring a heady, natural fragrance to your outdoor area.

Pergola ideas for small gardens

2) Choose an anti-slip treatment

If you’ve got young children, slippery garden deck tiles can spell danger. It’s wise to choose treated small garden decking, or to treat your garden deck tiles after installation. You might also want to consider a sail canopy to prevent rain from landing on the wood.

3) Choose a boardwalk

Why not use garden deck tiles to create a pathway to a solid-decked area? With white pebbles laid underneath your boardwalk, you’ll create a unique seaside feel. In addition to this, pebbles will keep any weeds at bay. This will allow you to enjoy your decking with less maintenance.

garden boardwalk

4) Build a bar!

If you like entertaining, why not install a bar on your garden deck tiles? A tiki-style bar is great for summer parties and looks great on a raised platform. Just remember to use a non-slip treatment to avoid bar stool movement after one or two cocktails!

build a garden bar

5) Choose a dark wood stain

Dark decking is in vogue at present. These deck designs bring a more contemporary look to small garden terraces. They also allow for more vibrant surrounds to steal the focus. If you want people to notice your lush green lawn or colourful plants, dark decking is the way to go.

6) Take back sloping areas

Decking is perfect for outdoor areas on a slope. It’s the perfect solution for levelling out awkward spaces, as it delivers some structure to the garden. Don’t lose space on account of having hilly areas that currently go unused. Instead, use decking to box off sloped spaces and enjoy the feeling of a larger garden.

7) Get creative with colour 

Smaller decking areas can benefit greatly from a splash of colour. Bright hues which complement each other make a huge impact on even the smallest of spaces. Combine these with pastels for a contrasting vibe your friends, neighbours and family will love.

 8) Combine decking with flagstones 

For an ultra-modern look, why not combine stone paving with wooden decking? The contrasting combination of materials creates an interesting finish – particularly if you mix dark woods with light stones. For additional features, consider architectural beds to bring some greenery to the garden.

 9) Create seating from decking

Rooftop gardens can benefit greatly from seating manufactured from decking. With sharp right angles, seating made from decking won’t take up much of a footprint. It will, however, provide you with a place to entertain.

seating made from decking

10) Use railings to section off your decking

If you intend on using wooden decking to section off an area of the garden (such as a corner), railings will help. As a nod to the “bring the indoors outdoors” mantra earlier in the article, why not add soft furnishings? Think rattan sofas, comfy cushions and bright patterned patchworks. Of course, you may want to store these items inside during times of inclement weather. Alternatively, opt for a pergola (as previously mentioned) to keep things dry, and enjoy your space whatever the weather.

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