Main Differences Between Oak And Walnut Flooring

January 6, 2014

Hardwood flooring is a great way of adding a value to your house or flat. For many decades, people have been using hardwood flooring because it is durable and last for years but also because it complements and enhances interior design.

Oak Floring

There are many wood flooring choices available when it comes to the species used in your wood floor. One of the most popular type of wood used in wood flooring industry is oak but others are also offered and walnut seems to be the second popular choice. If you want to make sure which hardwood floor to choose and which is the right choice for your home, then here is some information to help you decide.

Oak is very beautiful, natural looking wood with warm honey tones. Oak flooring has traditional appearance therefore blends well with existing oak furniture.  It is cheaper than walnut and softer of the two floors. Because two major types are white and red oak, it comes in variety of colours to choose from. It can also  come stained in a number of colours. That means that you can get  attractive looking dark floor without the need of paying premium for it. Oak does not, however, look like walnut, even when stained the same colour and as a very popular wood it may not be unique and individual enough for your taste.

Oak floors are often available as “unfinished”  so they can be finished on-site. You will have more finish option if you will have your floors finished on site but from the other hand factory finish is more consistent. Factory finish is also cheaper than on-site one.

Walnut Flooring

Walnut is a distinctive grained and naturally rich dark looking wood. It is very adaptable and walnut flooring can look modern or traditional determined by the style of your property’s interior. Homeowners also like its warmth that automatically adds to its beauty. Colours of the planks vary from plank to plank. It is very hard to reproduce the look of natural walnut and if you really like walnut wood you should skip the imitations – they won’t measure up.

Walnut flooring is resistant to insects, moisture and other threats but also, as softer than oak, can be easily dented or marked if it comes to contact with high heels or other sharp objects and can show traffic marks very easily. As dark flooring, walnut can make interiors appear smaller than they actually are.

Both floors are available in wide range of finishes – from unfinished, through oiled to lacquered. They can also be smoked and brushed. Generally walnut floors are more expensive that oak flooring

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