How To Choose The Right Flooring For An Open Plan Interior?

April 18, 2016

Large open plan living space is a dream of many people. Long gone are the days when box-like rooms were popular. Contemporary homes have rooms which flow into one another, creating a large space without any borders or obstacles. Such a model has been popularised primarily thanks to dreamy loft apartments in large agglomerations all over the world. Living in an open floor plan can be a perfect choice for people who love order, but a nightmare for those who are more focused on other things in life than frequent cleaning and keeping everything tidy.


Open floor plan is a very modern and interesting approach to living, which requires some planning if you want to be able to really enjoy it. Arranging and decorating such a flat is a daunting task, as it has to be functional, look attractive and create a coherent whole.

Pay attention to things such as furniture, choose wall decors, match colours, choose colour combinations and colour palettes, use fabrics, accessories and artwork. All that can define the feel of your home. In the case of an open floor plan, all those aspects have to be approached from a slightly different perspective. But the major focus of this post is on choosing a proper wood floor to enhance the style of your open floor plan, making it extraordinary.

Various aspects need to be considered when making floor-related choices for your open space flat. We have listed several of those with brief descriptions to serve you as a guide: colour, board size, traffic level, under-floor heating and, last but not least, your budget.

Colour of the floor

As far as colour is concerned, you can get very creative and achieve a great final result without spending a fortune. Match colours properly in accordance with current trends and your own taste, but remember that the floor should also be timeless. Take your time and think the decision through, as the colour choices will have a major impact on the final effect.


If you want your apartment to be unique and stand out, think about installing either black or white wood flooring. Many people are reluctant to install white wood flooring. They tend to think that it requires much more attention, regular cleaning and maintenance. But the truth is that you don’t need to worry about it, as it’s probably the best flooring option for hiding any dirt that can accumulate. You can choose a brushed and white oiled floor at an affordable price and don’t worry that it will require frequent cleaning.

Black wood flooring, in turn, is an option for those of you who are brave and are looking for something to suit their modern interiors or shabby chic or antique strewn open floor plans.

Black flooring is available in several different options to chose from. Nature-lovers can pick naturally dark wood, such as brushed and UV oiled wenge wood flooring. The floor boards have an exceptional click-system, which enhances installation, especially if you’ve decided to do it yourself.

However, if you prefer to be on the safe side and get something more traditional, then choose a floor in subdued, natural colours or go for a grey-coloured one. In such a case you can go for a natural engineered oak wood flooring coloured grey, which will be the best bet if you want to get a perfect grey look for your wood floor at an affordable price. Additionally, today you can get floors with a UV filter.

It guarantees colour protection against fading, so if your open floor living space is exposed to sunshine, you don’t have to worry that it will look dull and faded after some time. Such a solution is great both for large and small open plan living spaces and is undoubtedly very universal.

Board size

If you’re making a board size decision when flooring an open plan space, take into account three elements: thickness, width and length. Let’s leave aside thickness, which is less important, and move on to width and length of the boards. One thing to bear in mind as regards thickness is that if you have under-floor heating, always choose thickness which will guarantee free passage of heat and that is proper for under-floor heating. If in doubt, always ask your supplier for advice.

When thinking of open floor spaces, we usually have large spaces in mind, but it’s not always the case, as sometimes open plan spaces can be small. That is why you may want to pick a different board width depending on the size of your open floor plan and your taste. That’s why at ESB Flooring we have engineered wood flooring available in different board widths, from 110 mm to 240 mm. Everyone can find something to suit their needs and preferences.

It’s generally assumed that large open plan spaces look best with wide boards. Sometimes, it can be right, but you shouldn’t generalise.

The same applies to small spaces. If you want to make a small interior look spacious, you can achieve this result, by choosing a narrow board. However, in such a case a broad board can also be a perfect choice, making the room look very elegant. To sum up, it all depends on the given interior and the final effect that you want to achieve. But, imagination and creativity is what should stand in the first place.

Amaunt of traffic

When buying the floor always take into account the amount of traffic in your house. If you live with your family, have kids and pets, you’re likely to have high and heavy traffic, you should pick a floor which can be re-sanded and re-finished several times.


Under-floor heating


The next item on our list is under-floor heating. If you have or want to have under-floor heating, go for engineered wood flooring. But always remember to read the instructions or ask a professional if the floor selected by you is suitable.


Your flooring choices for an open plan space will largely depend on the funds you’ve got at your disposal. If you want your flooring project to be cost-effective, visit several shops, negotiate and look for special offers – visit our website to learn more.

When browsing through various flooring options, you will find floors available in either random or fixed-length boards. Random boards are a more popular and cheaper option as compared to fixed-length boards. But, sometimes you can also find fixed-length boards, which can turn out to be a great choice for small open plan spaces as well.

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