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Best bathroom flooring: what are my options?

April 21, 2020

Although the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, bathroom flooring is frequently one of the most important design considerations in a property. Bathrooms are key areas in any home: not only are they rooms where the decor matters, the challenging environment means it’s important to pick a bathroom floor covering that’s durable. Here we take a look at the various bathroom flooring options on the market. As well as considering the various bathroom flooring ideas available, we consider the different types of bathroom flooring and popular bathroom floor colours.

Have you considered your bathroom counter?
Have you considered matching a wood floor with a wooden bathroom countertop or vanity unit?

What’s the best flooring for bathroom makeovers?

Trying to decide what the best flooring for bathroom refurbishments isn’t always an easy task. Tiles, vinyl or a bathroom plank flooring can all work well in certain circumstances. Although ultimately you can have bathroom flooring in any colour or pattern you wish, bathroom white flooring, or another neutral tone, is usually recommended. The focus for bath flooring is on picking a surface that’s not only practical, but which also works with the intended interior design. Although there are particular considerations around hygiene, in design terms bathroom flooring follows many of the same rules as any other room in the house.

  • A lighter coloured bathroom floor covering will make the floor space look bigger and provide a spacious, airy ambience. Bathroom white flooring is ideal for smaller bathrooms, or for toilet flooring.
  • Darker bathroom flooring ideas can add striking visual impact, as well as giving a warmer look to larger floor spaces.
  • Plain bathroom plank flooring or bathroom white flooring is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of decors. Whether you’re aiming for minimalist appeal, inspiration from the beach or a more rustic look, these classic bathroom floor colours will work. This means that once fitted, you can alter your bathroom interior repeatedly without the need to change the bathroom flooring.
  • Patterned flooring can add to the ambience of the bathroom, as well as ensure that the room is on trend. Grey and white bathroom flooring, for example, adds contrast and interest at the same time as maintaining the clean, sparse vibe that’s key to an appealing bathroom.
  • Synthetic bath flooring that mimics natural stone or wood can be particularly attractive. Stone or wood works well with water to give an elemental feel that’s very rejuvenating. Luckily there are types of bathroom flooring on offer that are virtually indistinguishable from marble or quartz, but which don’t have the weight or heavy-duty maintenance which characterises real stone.
  • Slack and white stencilled tiles are one of the hottest 2020 trends. Offering a fantastically retro bathroom floor covering, they can be mixed and matched to create a range of amazing effects.
  • Current bathroom flooring options tend to focus on monochrome. Grey and white bathroom flooring or black, white and shades of grey bathroom floor colours are ideal. Not only do they suit current trends, their classic nature means they’re still likely to work well in a few years’ time (unlike the dreaded avocado or salmon pink which were popular bathroom trends some years ago!)

Practical considerations for types of bathroom flooring

As well as the bathroom floor colours, it’s also important to consider the practical characteristics bathroom flooring needs to possess. The main bathroom flooring options are: tiles; vinyl; or bathroom plank flooring.

  • Consider thermal and acoustic insulation. Vinyl or wood offers the best insulation. Tiles tend to be colder underfoot.
  • Degree of slipperiness. Vinyl or wood are the least slippery. Tiles can become slippery when wet. Marble or quartz is usually slipperiest when wet. That coupled with its unforgiving nature if you fall on it means it’s not suitable for every bathroom, despite its visual appeal. If you like the look of natural stone, a stone effect vinyl or tiles can work really well.
  • Consider radiant heat bath flooring. Normally fitted beneath tiled bathroom or toilet flooring, radiator coils beneath the top surface of the floor provides a pleasantly warm surface to walk on, as well as heating the rest of the bathroom evenly.
  • The bathroom is an environment where changing temperatures and high humidity are standard. For this reason, organic materials such as wood need to be treated to ensure they are resistant to damp and condensation. Generally, synthetic bathroom flooring ideas tend to be more durable.
  • Consider the location: if you crave natural stone, a downstairs bathroom is an ideal location. Upstairs flooring needs to be relatively light, or it will put an unnecessary strain on the rafters.
  • On-going maintenance: bathroom floors need to be easy to clean and to tolerate frequent cleaning. This means that non-porous options, such as vinyl, treated timber or tiles, are ideal. Avoid carpet if possible! Toilet flooring, in particular, needs to be able to tolerate stronger cleaners (including bleach).
  • Bathroom size and shape: vinyl and tile are versatile options that can easily fit most bathroom shapes. Wood planking can be trickier to fit in small bathrooms or those with an irregular shape. Vinyl, in particular, can work well if you have uneven walls or an uneven floor surface to deal with.

What is the best flooring for bathroom use?

Any of the options given above (vinyl, wood planking, tiles or even laminate) can all work well, provided they are of good quality and correctly installed. Because bathroom floors are likely to get wet, it’s important that any floor surface that’s fitted is correctly finished. This avoids the problem of water penetrating through to plaster or planking, which will deteriorate if they get damp.

ESB flooring stocks a wide range of high-grade bathroom flooring options which are suitable for almost every bathroom. Ideal for residential use, our tiles and vinyls are also a good commercial option for hotels, guest houses and similar accommodation. Featuring ranges from top manufacturers with a reputation for excellence, we stock well-known brands that offer exceptional value. If you need any assistance in selecting the bathroom flooring that’s going to be best for your project, our expert team are here to help.

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