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Factors to consider when choosing commercial grade hardwood floors for restaurants

When designing or renovating your business space, you need to give careful consideration to your flooring material. The type of flooring you use can be the difference between a successful business and an expensive failure. Nowadays, restaurant hardwood floors have captured the attention of many business owners due to their beauty and durability.

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Five great Pinterest distressed wood flooring inspirations

Wood flooring is elegant, eye-catching and hard-wearing, and brings the ‘wow’ factor to any room. But where do you start? Vintage oak flooring? Distressed wood flooring? Herringbone wood flooring?

A little inspiration can take you a long way. So, with that in mind, here are five fantastic wood flooring ideas from Pinterest.

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The Guide: How To Choose And Order Wood Flooring?

When you decide you need to floor or re-floor your home, you can either be very well-organised and know precisely what you want, or you can feel lost in the jungle of all the available options, choices and possibilities. If you fall in the first category, then you don't need to do anything apart from visiting our website or showroom and placing an order.


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