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Floors for UFH

The following guideline is designed to complement the current British Standard BS8201.

Appendix for engineered floors fitted over under floor heating

  • The underfloor heating system must be commissioned and working for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to acclimatisation of the flooring.

  • The flooring may need to be allowed to acclimatise on site (depends on site conditions) with the underfloor heating on at the desired working temperature. The flooring must be delivered to site and stacked. During this time the underfloor heating must be running and site conditions must be as close as possible to "normal" living conditions.

  • During acclimatisation the surface floor temperature must not exceed 27 degrees centigrade. For the subfloor surface temperature not to exceed 27 degrees centigrade the hot water in the pipes under the floor must be cooled at the manifold accordingly. It is vital to get the calibration right at this point, it will avoid damaging the floor in the future.

  • For wet systems, the underfloor heating system must be turned off prior to installation.

  • The underfloor heating must be left off for a full 7 days to allow the adhesive to cure fully.

  • After 7 days the underfloor heating can be turned back on at 15 degrees centigrade and gradually brought up to the desired working temperature in steps of 1 degree per day.

  • Any subsequent increase or decrease in the floor temperature should always be in increments of 1 degree centigrade per day.

  • Do not run the underfloor heating if the floor has been covered for protection during the building process, wait until all protective coverings have been removed.

  • At no point should the surface temperature of the wooden floor exceed 27 degrees centigrade and the air relative humidity should always be maintained between 40% and 60%.

Please note:

The responsibility keeping the above conditions rests solely with the customer before the floor is laid, during and after work.

The installers’ responsibility is to check those readings before starting the installation.

The supplied floor is suitable for under floor heating but when all or some of the above conditions are not met, the floor can get too dry and damaged with cracks and other defects.

With all the respect,