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Bona Traffic HD Matt, 4.95 Litre

Bona Traffic HD is the new improved Traffic floor varnish. A two component, using new advanced polymer technology, Bona Traffic HD has been developed for sustainable results on the floor and the environment with uncompromising resistance to scratches, scuff marks and chemicals. Bona Traffic HD has 40% lower solvent content and 40% increased durability than the standard Traffic. Can be subjected to wear and tear after 24 hours.

 A 4.95L of Bona Traffic HD comes complete with 1x 400ml of the Traffic HD Hardener. They must be mixed together by shaking it vigorously for one minute. If small quantities must be mixed, the Traffic HD container must be shaken before decanting product from it. Once mixed Traffic HD is viable for five hours. Bona Traffic HD Silkmatt can cover around 9sqm per liter per coat (up to 40sqm per container).